Seasons Homeowners Association

 Records Retention Schedule


Revised February 2015


Category Retention period Item
Ballots One year Written Ballots
Contracts 7 years after expiration Agreements with other entities
Financial records 7 years

Audit report

Bank statements

Check duplicate copies

Corporation renewals

Insurance policy and claims


Stormwater inspection reports


Treasurer reports

General Correspondence 7 years

Emails that require action by the Board

Letters of resignation

Letters to and from the Board

Mailbox issues

Title transfer notice

Governing Permanent

ACC Guidelines


Covenants and amendments

Electronic consent form*

Fine schedule

Litigation files 7 years after closure

Fine correspondence

Legal filings and issues

Unpaid fines

Minutes Permanent Minutes
Newsletters 7 years Newsletters
Owner architectural submittals 7 years RPA’s
Any item not on the list is kept at the discretion of the Board