Seasons Homeowners Association



Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Review Objectives:

The objectives of this review process are: (1) to verify that the design of your construction or modification project and the materials used are consistent with the Covenants and standards established for The Seasons, and (2) to protect the community against unwarranted removal of trees thereby changing the character of The Seasons.


Disclaimer as to Plan Approval:

(1) The plan you submit to ACC is not reviewed for engineering or structural design, or quality of materials. The ACC and the Association do not assume liability or responsibility for any defect in any structure constructed from the plan approved by ACC and/or the Association.
ACC approval is not a substitute for obtaining necessary permits from Thurston County or other governmental agencies.  Please contact the appropriate agency to check whether your project requires a permit.



Please complete Section A of the attached form and mail it to:
Seasons Homeowners Association
Attn:  Chair, ACC
P.O. Box 5053,
Lacey, WA 98509-5053 

If you are building or modifying a fence or structure, please attach a simple sketch showing the design of your project. The sketch should indicate: (1) the dimensions of your project, (2) where on your lot your project will be placed, and (3) the materials to be used for the construction.


Within 30 days of receiving your request, ACC will notify you of its decision by completing Section B and return­ing this form to you.

If ACC does not approve your request, you may appeal its decision to the board of directors. If you choose to appeal, please complete Section C and mail this form to the president of the association within 30 days of receiving ACC’s decision.


* * * IMPORTANT * * *

DO NOT begin your project until:

(1)   You receive ACC’s written approval,   Or

(2)   It has been 30 days since you submitted your form to the ACC and the ACC has not notified you of its decision,  Or

(3)   In response to your appeal of ACC’s decision not to approve your plan as submitted, the board issues a written approval of your plan.

*   If you are faced with a hazardous or dangerous situation requiring immediate attention (such as a diseased tree), please call the chair of ACC to arrange for an expedited review.


      (To be completed by ACC.)

Date received:  ____________________  Received by: __________________________

ACC decision: (check one)      o Request approved

     o Request approved with modification described below

     o  Request denied for reason given below

Modification / Reason for denial:




Applicable covenant section: __________________________   Date of decision:  ______________

ACC Members:     (1) ______________________________ (4) ______________________________

                              (2) ______________________________ (5) ______________________________

                              (3) ______________________________ (6) ______________________________


     (To be completed by the homeowner wishing to appeal ACC’s decision.)

I disagree with ACC’s decision and hereby appeal its decision to the board.  (Please state why you think your project should be approved.)





Date: ______________________           Signature: _________________________________