Hello Seasons' Homeowners,
The special meeting held on October 13th failed to reach a quorum for final voting or passage.  The vast majority of homeowners owners failed to participate in the proposed special mailbox assessment and Bylaws change to allow the HOA to take responsibility for mailbox repair/replacement.  Those who did vote supported the proposal by about a 5:1 majority, but we were short about 100 votes necessary for passage.
As a result, there will be no vote or future meetings scheduled at this time.  In the future, the Board will continue to work together and with the homeowners discussing and developing options.
Until some other mailbox option is passed, the total responsibility of mailbox maintenance, repair, and replacement is in the hands of the individual homeowners using a particular cluster.  Contact information for reaching the USPS can be found in the July 2016 newsletter (logged in users only).
The Board wishes to thank all the members who participated at the 13th meeting and those who submitted proxy votes.
The Seasons Board