Suspicious activity such as prowls, breakins and vandalism tend to incease during the holiday season. If you see any suspicious activity within The Seasons please call 911 immediately. Next, report this activity to The Seasons HOA via our contact form. An electronic Security Alert Bulletin will be sent out almost immediately alerting other residents to the activity. If you wish to receive these e-bulletins please sign up for e-newsletter. 

Date: 11/13/17 Car Theft & 11/27/17 Suspicious Activity

On November 13th a resident's car was stolen right out of the garage on the 9000 block of Autumn Line Loop , west of Autumn Ct. SE. Another car was also rifled through. The garage was open because a Comcast Technician was coming to the house. The theft happened during the 45 minute Comcast visit, between 2:00 pm and 2:45 pm. The resident and a neighbor were in the kitchen, right off the garage, and didn't hear a thing.
The Sheriff's office and Comcast were notified.

Another incident occurred at the same location on November 27th. The resident heard a loud sound and went to investigate. They discovered a window screen on the side of the house laying on the grass. These screens don't come out by themselves.

If you have a security camera that picks up street activity, your camera may have caught something. Again, the care theft occurred on Nov. 13th, between 2:00 - 2:45 pm on the 9000 block of Autumn Line Loop , west of Autumn Ct. SE. Please review your recording and notify the Sheriff's office.

Date: 9/22/17 Suspicious Activity

A resident who lives on Winter Bright Drive and is 100% retired and home most of the time was working in the back and heard a vehicle pulling into his driveway. 
As he walked around the house it took off in a hurry - it was a red van with 2 middle-aged men inside.

Date: 5/5/17 Suspicious Activity

About 2:45 p.m. today (5-5-17) a woman came to the door of a resident on Autumn Line Loop and asked to use our bathroom saying that her car ran out of gas. She added that she had called her mother and was waiting for her to pick her up. The resident never opens the door to a stranger and did not make an exception this time, so they were unable to give a description of her face, but watched out the window as she left. The woman appears to be in her mid-20s, early 30s. She has medium to dark brown hair (which was worn up), about 5'5" and on the heavy side. She proceeded to walk to a small dark (possibly blue) car that was parked along the street (out of sight from our front door), but which was visible from another window. She drove off in that car, so she obviously had not run out of gas.

Please be cautious when answering the door to strangers. Never allow someone in your home who you do not know. Credentials should be verified but not with phone numbers provided by strangers.

Date: 4/11/17 Mail Theft

There has been an increase in mail theft throughout Thurston County recently and many of these cases have occurred in the City of Lacey. As part of this mail theft trend, we are seeing an increase in mail thefts from neighborhood cluster mailboxes. Specifically, we have been finding that suspects have been prying open the mailboxes in such a way that they are able to gain access to all of the mail slots.
In our ongoing effort to help curb the mail theft trend, we are encouraging you do the following:

  • Check your mail every day.
  • Make sure you have not lost any of your mail keys.
  • Inspect your mail slot and the entire mailbox as a whole for evidence of tampering.
  • Remain vigilant. Be aware of any suspicious people and vehicles in your neighborhood.
  • Report suspicious people/vehicles to the police:
    • 911 for emergencies
    • (360)704-2740 for non-emergency reporting

Date: 2/9/17 Suspicious Salesperson 

At 3:15 PM today, February 9, a very suspicious man claiming to be an ADT employee came to the door of a resident on the 4800 block of Early Spring Drive. The man was a tall, slim, balding white male. He asked what hours the woman’s husband is usually home and what breed their dogs are multiple times. He also commented several times about how "if your dogs like to eat" they won't help if someone decides to break in and that some people might even break in strictly to steal our dogs to fight them.
The resident contacted ADT and was told that they did not think he was an actual employee. He did not have fliers, an employee badge, or a business card which ADT said an actual employee would have all these items. A police report was filed, but they said it's a common thing and not much they can do.
If you see any suspicious activity within The Seasons, please call 911 immediately. Next, report this activity to The Seasons HOA via our contact form. An electronic Security Alert Bulletin will be sent out almost immediately alerting other residents to the activity. If you wish to receive these e-bulletins, please sign up for e-newsletter.

Attempted Mailbox Break-in

Date: 1/30/17

One of the outgoing box doors in the mailbox cluster located on 44th Ave was damaged Saturday night. The door was pried in attempt to open it. The thieves did not gain entry but did damage the door.

Note: The Post Office no longer repairs cluster boxes. Owners are responsible for their own cluster box. The HOA Board held an open meeting on October 13, 2016 to address and resolve this issue. However, there weren't enough owners present for a quorum much less vote on a resolution. Therefore, each owner is responsible for repairs to their individual box and coordinating repairs with your neighbors.

All neighbors should remain very vigilant regarding mailbox thieves. Report any suspicious activity immediately to the Sheriff's office. Also, please continue to report these incidents to the HOA Board for tracking purposes

Attempted Backyard Break-in

Date: 11/20/16

Residents believe that there was an attempted break-in to their back yard on Early Spring Drive on the night of 11/19. When they unlocked their gate on the morning of 11/20 at 9:00 AM, the latch was bent and there were marks on the outside of the gate that were not there previously. The gate latch has a lock, and it was engaged so suspect(s) were unable to get in. They know the gate latch was in good condition prior to 11/20 with no sign of damage at 2:30 PM, and also know it was fine at dusk as that is when it was locked it for the night.


Suspicious Person
Date: 11/14/16

There have been reports of a suspicious person hanging around Winter Bright Ct. and Autumn Line Loop between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning. According to reports, "He walked up and down the block, looking around, and being 'twitchy.'"

20161114 132237 003 resized


He is about 5'9", 165 lbs, dark brown hair, stubble facial hair, early 20's and is associated with a Silver/Gray 2 door Honda, late 1990's to early 2000's model, license # AZW 0664

Driver who was alone exited the vehicle at 12:50 pm, on foot, put on a hat and walked across street to sidewalk.  was parked on Autumn Line Dr SE on westbound side of street facing south next to common area across the street from Lot #78.

He then walked to the stop sign at Autumn Line Dr SE making a right turn onto Indian Summer Dr SE, eastbound -- heading towards Eagle Crest neighborhood.
At approx. 2:10 pm, driver returned alone to the vehicle on foot from the south and drove away to the south towards stop sign at Autumn Line Loop SE making a right turn westbound onto Autumn Line Loop SE.

The description given in earlier Season's report matches this driver as well. The reason for taking notice of this vehicle is because it had driven by 5-6 times within a 20 minute time frame before it was observed parking

If you see someone or vehicle fitting this description, call Thurston County sheriff at (360)-413-2740 and they will respond and talk to him.


Car Vandalized
Date: 11/09/16

About 9 a.m. on Nov. 5, 2016, residents discovered that their 2016 Black Ford Escape had been vandalized. The rear driver window was smashed out, with glass on the ground outside the vehicle and on the back seats and floor, and also on the driver seat. There was little glass left in the frame, as if it had been further knocked out after impact. There were two points of impact to the driver door glass, above the door handle, as if it was hit with a blunt object, and cracks radiated throughout the window from those hits.

Blood drops were sprayed across the passenger front seat. A pile of the broken rear window glass also was found on the front sidewalk between their home and the next-door neighbor's. There was no other visible exterior damage to the vehicle or tires, except for paint scratches along the frame from the glass.

The vehicle was fully locked and parked close to my double-car garage, which is attached to the home and next to the front door. The driveway is set back from the street approx. 100 feet. There is a street light at the end of the driveway.

This appears to be a targeted attack, as the home is tucked away in a cul-de-sac and away from access to main roads. Also, no other vehicles in our neighborhood were damaged. The resident spoke with neighbors on either side of their home and they didn't hear a disturbance in the night, nor did their dogs.

Two direct calls about the incident made to the Thurston County Sherriff Department on Nov. 5
Police Report filed with the Thurston County Sherriff Department on Nov. 7


Car Break In
Date: 10/05/16

A rear passenger window on one of a resident's cars that was parked in their driveway on Winterbright Drive was broken on Thursday evening 10/3/16, apparently between 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm, and a bag that the thief must have thought was a purse (it wasn't) was stolen from the back seat. Police have been notified and a report has been filed.

If you see him in The Seasons, please immediately call 911 and notify The Seasons by emailing to


Date: 06/21/16

A burglary occurred today in 8900 block of Autumn Line Loop today between 11:00 am & 3:00pm. The burglar broke the glass to the patio door to make entry.
Please report any suspicious activity to the Thurston County Sherriff's office

Package Stolen
Date: 01/11/16

A was package was delivered to a home on the 4500 block of Early Spring Drive on 1/16/16 as reported by the USPS tracking website, but was not there when the residents got home. After 48 hours it was assumed to be stolen and reported to the police.


Package Stolen

Date: 01/11/16

A was package delivered to the 9000 block of Autumn Line Loop on 1/11/16 at 11:15 in the morning. At 1:17 p.m. someone pulled into the driveway, walked up to the door, and stole our package. Unfortunately, this video does NOT capture the face, nor the license plate (camera slightly off). It appears to be a male... in black jacket, purple (looks like scrubs possibly) baggy pants and purple tennis shoes.Watch the video here



Mailbox Break In Reported
Date: 12/11/15
This morning, 12/11/15, at approximately 8 am, the mailbox on Indian Summer Rd, at the border of The Seasons and Eagle Crest communities, was found pried open and the contents gone.  It appeared that the "Out Box" had been pried open to open the whole section.  The door was re-closed with some difficulty suggesting that the latch has been compromised.  The police have been notified. 


Recent Suspicious Activity Reported
Date: 3/3/15

Another potential prowler report this afternoon about 4:30 PM from Autumn Ct and Autumn Line Loop.  Man in twenties, medium build, fairly tall, wearing a hat and tan striped jacket was observed running down Autumn Line Loop.  When seen by a neighbor he ran into a yard under the trees.  Then a dark blue small sedan driven by a woman also in twenties quickly pulled up, the man jumped in the car and they quickly drove away.  A Sherriff's report was made.


Recent Suspicious Activity Reported

Date: 11/24/14
Time: Unknown
Location: 4400 Block Indian Summer Drive
Owner reported: "Someone opened up both our side gates last night (on both ends of our yard and opened our screen door to our slider. Thankfully the slider was locked, with a stick in the track, but very unnerving even still! "

Location: 4600 block Early Spring Dr.
Resident reported: "This morning, November 24th, I discovered my vehicle has been broken into, and has stolen some valuable items. We have contacted the police earlier and they told us that two other vehicles from my street have also been broken into, which aren't that far away from our house ( Early Spring Dr ).
My daughter was walking to her bus stop ( Mullen/Indian summer ), she saw 3 people at the entrance. 2 males and 1 female. The 2 men were speaking Spanish and some English. She said they were acting somewhat suspicious, and went into the Indian Summer street. I just want you to let everyone know to be cautious at all times."

Location: 4500 block Early Spring Dr.
Resident reported: "someone propped our screen door open tried to open the garage door and got in our back yard. It had to have happened after my husband left at 4:30 am. I was home but had no idea it happened. I called the sheriff and they said they will patrol more frequently. I think we will be installing a security system asap."

House prowls coincide with the holiday season. While it looks nice to display your Christmas tree in a window, remember that you may be allowing others to see into your house and check out anything in sight. Display the tree - not the gifts.